Alternative Investment Solutions

alt-inv-item-alt2When it comes to investor wealth, a mutual fund only portfolio is no longer acceptable. Investment product diversification is required to maximize the return and mitigate the risk of an investor’s portfolio. The PowerAgent product suite lets you account for varying types of unitized investment products on the same system. Allowing you to remove the cost and risk associated with using multiple systems, create operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

The PowerAgent investor recordkeeping solution:

  • Was designed in conjunction with alternative investment administrators to create a simple to use real-time system that helps you manage your relationships, compliance and recordkeeping needs
  • Supports recordkeeping of investor holdings in unitized products with varying pricing, purchasing and redemption schedules such as Real Estate Investment Trusts, Local Government Investment Pools, Interval Funds and others
  • Allows shareholders and advisers up-to-the-second access to account information. There are no batch processes and nightly cycles needed to get information directly from the system or via access through web or IVR applications.
  • Supports, multiple account valuations, estimated and final NAV processing, Redemption hold-backs, tender offer processing, DTCC AIP processing, etc.
  • Provides support for:
    • Multiple investor account valuation methods such as NAV or total value based and Unit or Dollar Weighted
    • Estimated and Final NAV processing
    • Redemption hold-backs
    • Trading calendars by fund
    • Fund and account level management fee assessment
    • Fixed, asset and performance based management fee calculations
    • Capital commitment tracking at the investor and subaccount levels
    • Capital calls and related reporting
    • Full DTCC AIP processing capabilities
    • Time weighted rate of return calculations at the fund, investor and subaccount levels
    • Allocation of expenses to individual investors on a proportional basis
    • Account access via an internet portal
    • Customized customer correspondence
    • tender offer processing
  • Capital commitment tracking and capital call correspondence
  • Reduces your total cost of ownership by leveraging industry standard technology with a modular design and productivity enhancing features
  • Comes configured with over 500 systematic checks and warnings to reduce human errors
  • Allows on premise or Software as a Service implementations


The PowerAgent software modules include:

  • Highly integrated workflow and imaging solutions to automate business processes
  • Real-time internet inquiry, trading and e-delivery solutions to allow for investor, beneficiary and financial intermediary self-servicing
  • Application Programming Interfaces to facilitate real-time integration of investor and beneficiary data with other enterprise systems