Broker Dealer Solutions – PowerAgent for Subaccounting

Brokerage firms, investment advisors and trust departments take control of investor servicing across fund families, gaining operational efficiencies, and an enhanced client and rep experience using Envision’s PowerAgent for Subaccounting technology. You can elect to use just the technology or also choose to transfer the administrative responsibilities for trade and account reconciliation and fund data gathering services to Envision. The open, modular and rules-based architecture of PowerAgent for Subaccounting was designed with the help of industry experts to provide you tools that will optimize your mutual fund subaccounting operations and shareholder-servicing business.

We support shareholder servicing with technology that is:

  • Flexible. Unlike competitive systems that are “one size fits all”, the PowerAgent for Subaccounting features and processing schedule can be tailored specifically to your firm’s needs. Allowing you to do business on your terms.
  • Intuitive. PowerAgent for Subaccounting is an easy-to-use application with the sophistication and flexibility that helps you manage customer relationships, compliance, and subaccount processing. The contemporary user interface lets you be more effective and efficient.
  • Customer Centric. The shareholder-centric view of investments mimics the brokerage system structure which allows you to service your customer in a more holistic way.
  • Efficient. Service to all your mutual fund clients emanates from a single platform eliminating any confusion as to who services the investor. This capability also streamlines processes such as suitability testing and best pricing calculations while further enhancing the financial benefits that accrue from mutual fund subaccounting.
  • Integrated. All PowerAgent for Subaccounting features are integrated and work together to create a consistent user experience including cost basis, imaging and workflow, required minimum distribution and asset allocation.
  • Real-Time. PowerAgent for Subaccounting is a true real-time solution which gives you and your customers up-to-the second access to information through Envision’s mobile and web interfaces. We can deliver data to you so you can update other important enterprise systems in real time. For example, the results of processing transaction adjustments can be seen using Envision’s mobile and web interfaces and delivered to other systems immediately.
  • Cost Effective. Reduce your total cost of ownership by leveraging modular technology with productivity enhancing features. PowerAgent for Subaccounting supports varying subaccounting implementations such as money market sweeps, mutual fund supermarkets, mutual fund wrap programs, as well as traditional brokerage and stand-alone implementations where no brokerage system is used.
  • On-Demand. PowerAgent for Subaccounting can be delivered as an internet software service. You have no capital investment for system infrastructure or networking as you can access the system using any internet browser.

Our administrative services include:

  • Data Acquisition and Processing. We gather fund NAVs dividend and other corporate actions and then process them across your book of business so that you don’t have to.
  • Account & Trade Reconciliation. We perform subaccount to omnibus account reconciliation for trades, positions, inter-firm transfers, activity and dividends using advanced technology features such as risk recognition and the automatic generation of reconciling adjustment transactions on trade date.