College Savings & ABLE Act Solutions

223753210 medCollege Savings and ABLE Act Program Managers use the PowerAgent product suite to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and enhance customer service support over 4 million investor investments in 27 prepaid, direct and advisor sold college savings and ABLE Act plans.

The PowerAgent 529 participant recordkeeping solution:

  • Was designed from the ground up by experts in conjunction with 529 Industry experts with practical day-to-day plan experience to create an application with the sophistication and flexibility to help you manage the relationship, compliance and recordkeeping needs of your 529 plans
  • Puts plan configuration in your in control. You manage account types, contribution limits, investment options, age-based realignments and other parameters for your College Savings and ABLE Act program through configurable system components
  • Supports mutual funds, alternative investments, institutional money markets, offshore funds and protected principal funds
  • Allows investment options including single or target fund portfolios, age-based or years-to-college realignment portfolios, asset allocation portfolios, or portfolios with asset allocation models that include an age-based or years-to-college realignment component
  • Allows you to view and control activity at the account and plan level so that you can administer you own state sponsored College Savings and ABLE plans.
  • Provides college savings cross plan reporting so you can receive and consolidate data for maximum contribution limits as well as IRS 1099Q basis and earnings calculations
  • Contains built in regulatory compliance and quality controls
  • PowerAgent has over 100 industry-standard reports. You have complete and unfettered access to your data using a variety of industry reporting tools or our simple to use ad-hoc query tool. We believe that it is your data and you should have access to it.
  • You can install and operate the PowerAgent systems either in your environment or ours
  • Supports mutual funds, alternative investments, institutional money markets, offshore funds and protected principal funds

The PowerAgent software modules include:

  • Highly integrated workflow and imaging solutions to automate business processes
  • Real-time internet inquiry, trading and e-delivery solutions to allow for participant, beneficiary and financial intermediary self-servicing
  • Application Programming Interfaces to facilitate real-time integration of the participant and beneficiary data with other enterprise systems