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subaccPowerAgent is the #1 mutual fund shareholder accounting software available for lease or sale according to the 2016 Mutual Fund Service Guide. Our mutual fund transfer agents and mutual fund transfer agency service providers use the flexibility of the PowerAgent software suite to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and enhance customer service to over 9 million subaccounts investing in over 9,500 CUSIPs.

PowerAgent is a real-time, configurable shareholder recordkeeping system that:

  • Supports mutual funds, alternative investments, college savings plans, institutional money markets, offshore funds and protected principal funds
  • Provides integrated cost basis accounting
  • Contains built in regulatory compliance and quality controls
  • Complies with all aspects of Money Market Reform and FATCA
  • Allows on premise or Software as a Service implementations

The PowerAgent software modules include:

  • Highly integrated workflow and imaging solutions to automate business processes
  • Real-time internet inquiry, trading and e-delivery solutions to allow for investor and financial intermediary self-servicing
  • Application Programming Interfaces to facilitate real-time integration of the shareholder data with other enterprise systems
  • Real-time cash availability so Portfolio Managers can maximize their investing