Mutual Fund Transfer Agents

133636601 medMutual fund transfer agents who believe that technology should enable their business and not throttle it, enjoy the highly flexible features and capabilities of PowerAgent.  The open, modular and rule-based architecture of PowerAgent allows you to optimize and reduce the risk of your transfer agency and shareholder-servicing business.


True flexibility allows your firm to do business on your terms. Unlike competitive systems that are “one size fits all”, PowerAgent features can be tailored specifically to your firm’s needs.

Cost Effectiveness

Reduce your total cost of ownership by leveraging industry standard technology with a modular design and productivity enhancing features.

Cost Basis Support

PowerAgent complies fully with the IRS cost basis reporting laws. Shareholders can establish a tax strategy for any fund and allow PowerAgent to do the rest.


You have complete and unfettered access to your data using a variety of industry reporting tools or our simple to use ad-hoc query tool. We believe that it is your data and you should have access to it. PowerAgent has over 100 industry-standard reports.


PowerAgent is an easy-to-use application with the sophistication and flexibility to help you manage customer relationships, compliance, and recordkeeping needs.

Investment Product Support

PowerAgent uses open architecture and a modular rules-based design to support mutual funds, alternative investments, college savings plans, institutional money markets, offshore funds and protected principal funds.  With PowerAgent, there is no need to operate multiple shareholder accounting systems.

Real-time Availability

PowerAgent is a true real-time solution which gives you and your customer’s up-to-the second access to information. With no need for downtimes you are free to use the system anytime day or night. The results of pricing or transaction corrections are simple, easy and seen immediately.


Provide superior customer service using a shareholder-centric view of their investments.


You can configure PowerAgent to your business. Among other features, you can configure Holiday Schedules, Account Types, Transaction Types and Fee Types without the need for engaging programming resources.

Intermediary Support

PowerAgent supports multiple payment options and payment periods. You are able to assign trading activity to a wholesaler or dealer, override dealer commissions and generate reporting using embedded logic.

NSCC Support

PowerAgent supports networking, FundSERV, ACATS, commission settlement, DCC&S, mutual fund profile, and ToRA every day for thousands of funds.

Regulatory Compliance and Quality Controls

The PowerAgent compliance features are fully integrated and continually updated to remain compliant with regulatory rules and guidance. You can rely upon PowerAgent to keep you and your shareholders in compliance:

  •         Cost Basis Reporting
  •         AML/CIP Data Interface
  •         Sales Breakpoint Monitoring
  •         Breakpoint Monitoring Discrepancy Report
  •         Market Timing Monitoring and Reporting
  •         Short-Term Redemption Fees
  •         Trades Processed after Market Close Report
  •         Required Minimum Distribution
  •         Large Trade Report
  •         Reporting Sales Charges on Confirmations and Statements
  •         TA-2 Report
  •         ERISA Limitation – Offshore Funds
  •         Blue Sky Activity Reporting and interfaces with the Major Blue Sky Vendors
  •         IRS Regulatory and Compliance Reporting
  •         National Change of Address Monitoring
  •         CASS (Coding Access Support System) Address Verification

In addition to these, PowerAgent helps eliminate unnecessary errors with systematic data checks to process activity correctly the first time.

Role-Based Security

PowerAgent allows you to define who has access to any process at any level to ensure the proper segregation of duties.

On Premise or On Demand

You can install and operate the PowerAgent systems either in your environment or ours.

Solutions for Mutual Funds Overview
Ensure Rule 22c-2 Compliance