Transfer Agency

PowerAgent is a full featured system with capabilities to support the shareholder accounting of multiple kinds of pooled investment products such as mutual funds, common and collective income trusts and real-estate investment trusts.

Our product suite includes a shareholder recordkeeping system with integrated cost basis, workflow and imaging; internet inquiry, trading and e-delivery solutions. PowerAgent uses real-time open industry standard technology, configurable business rules and a customer-centric interface to help our Investment Company and Service Provider clients optimize productivity and increase customer satisfaction by providing them  control and to customize our technology to their business processes.

PowerAgent for Mutual Funds Capabilities

PowerAgent Core Capabilities

  • Supports all known share classes and fund distribution types.
  • Provides customizable account types you associate to the proper tax reporting rules.
  • PowerAgent contains hundreds of systematic checks and warnings to ensure data and information is accurate.
  • Real-time NSCC networking (all four levels) including the Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS).
  • Supports all standard commission and compensation payments.
  • Asset Allocation – Allows unlimited number of models that re balance automatically or on-demand.
  • Group Trading –Allows investment advisors to group accounts based on asset allocation models and process trades for hundreds of individual accounts.
  • Personal internal rate of return calculation at the fund level.
  • Support for multi-cycle fund pricing.
  • Integrated multiple currency transaction processing and reporting.
  • Automatic asset and tax-lot B shares to A shares transfers based upon the fund’s requirements.
  • Periodic IRA, maintenance or low account balance fee processing at the customer or individual fund/account without the need for programming.
  • Flexible fund merger options such as how tax lots and loads are transferred, whether to grandfather shareholders under the original fund structure or schedule the fund merger to run automatically.

Add-on Capabilities

  • PAPort – Integrated shareholder and advisor internet access to branded
  • PAWorx – Integrated imaging and workflow module
  • PATools – Application programming interfaces (API) to facilitate real-time data sharing.
  • PACash – Real-time cash flow reporting
  • PACorrespondence – Integrated correspondence module
  • Cash Reconciliation module – automates the reconciliation of money movement and cash positions.
  • Investor statement, confirmation and tax form generation and fulfillment
  • Data management, reporting & analytics

PowerAgent Capabilities for Alternative Investments

PowerAgent Core Capabilities for Alternative Investments

  • Multiple Account Valuation
  • Estimated-Final NAV processing
  • Redemption Hold-Back
  • Trading Calendars
  • Investor & Manager Reporting
  • Management & Other Fees

Add-on Capabilities for Alternative Investments

  • Investor’s purchase commitment and fulfillment tracking
  • Capital call support
  • DTCC AIP trading & commitment fulfillment support
  • Tender Offer Processing
  • Time weighted fund and investor performance calculations
  • Expense processing
  • PAPort – Shareholder and advisor account access
  • PACorrespondence – Integrated correspondence module