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When it comes to providing specialized recordkeeping services for educational funds, we owe it all too some really great teachers.

The Envision Investor Management Suite for 529 participants was designed from the ground up with input from 529 Industry experts with practical day-to-day plan experience. The result: An application with the sophistication and flexibility to help manage the relationship, compliance and recordkeeping needs of 529 and ABLE Act plans.

  • Can provide reporting so investors receive consolidated data for tracking contribution limits as well as IRS 1099Q basis and earnings calculations
  • Supports mutual funds, alternative investments, institutional money markets, offshore funds and protected principal funds
  • Contains built in regulatory compliance and quality controls
  • Offers more than 100 industry-standard reports
  • Supports K-12, college savings and ABLE Act plans
  • Allows plan administrators to view and control activity at the account and plan level to administer their own 529 and ABLE Act plans
  • Helps administrators manage account types, contribution limits, investment options, age-based realignments and other parameters for 529 plans and ABLE Act programs through configurable system components
  • Leverages APIs to facilitate real-time integration of participant and beneficiary data with other enterprise systems

We helped write the textbook on educational and ABLE Plan administration. Let us teach what we know.

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