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They say the creative geniuses behind many alternative investment strategies are continually looking beyond investor needs of today. Well shouldn’t their recordkeeper be there with them?

Enter the Envision Investor Management Suite for alternatives, a flexible, integrated, real-time cloud-based recordkeeping and investor accounting solution built to adapt to a sponsor’s—or intermediary’s—innovations.

  • Opportunity Zone investments, REITs, BDCs, MLPs and more
  • NAV- or total value-based, unit- or dollar-weighted
  • Redemption holdbacks, tender offers, capital calls/commitments, fund- and account-level fee assessment
  • Integration with DTCC products and services
  • APIs for sharing and consuming investor data with other enterprise systems
  • Seamless connectivity with B/Ds and other intermediaries for straight-through processing
  • No batch processes or nightly cycles; process your data on your cycle, not ours
  • Live account inquiry, trading and e-delivery solutions to facilitate investor and/or intermediary self-service
  • Account and trade checks to reduce NIGOs

When it comes to recordkeeping, most alts issuers have a pretty simple checklist:

  • Scale easily when I’m successful
  • Use rules-based processes to keep me out of the headlines
  • Has API integration that plays well with the rest of my technology stack

  • Go easy on my bottom line

Let us tell you more about how the Envision Investor Management Suite for alternatives checks the boxes. Call us at (949) 579-2253 or contact us.

And, for a deeper dive into technology, visit our Envision Investor Management Suite product page.

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