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30% of the top 10 alternative sponsors on the 11/2021 Stanger Report are supported by our technology.

They say the creative geniuses behind many alternative investment strategies are continually looking beyond investor needs of today. Well shouldn’t their recordkeeper be there with them? 

Enter Envision Investor Management Suite for alternatives, a flexible, integrated, real-time cloud-based recordkeeping and investor accounting solution built to adapt to a sponsor’s—or intermediary’s—innovations.

  • Opportunity Zone investments, REITs, BDCs, MLPs and more
  • NAV- or total value-based, unit- or dollar-weighted
  • Redemption holdbacks, tender offers, capital calls/commitments, fund- and account-level fee assessment
  • Integration with DTCC products and services
  • APIs for sharing and consuming investor data with other enterprise systems
  • Seamless connectivity with B/Ds and other intermediaries for straight-through processing
  • No batch processes or nightly cycles; process your data on your cycle, not ours
  • Live account inquiry, trading and e-delivery solutions to facilitate investor and/or intermediary self-service
  • Account and trade checks to reduce NIGOs

When it comes to recordkeeping, most alts issuers have a pretty simple checklist:

  • Scale easily when I’m successful
  • Use rules-based processes to keep me out of the headlines
  • Has API integration that plays well with the rest of my technology stack

  • Go easy on my bottom line

Let us tell you more about how the Envision Investor Management Suite for alternatives checks the boxes. Call us at (949) 407-7523 or contact us.

And, for a deeper dive into technology, visit our Envision Investor Management Suite product page.

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Envision’s thoughts on investor relations technology

Hi, I’m Lani Oneil, VP of business development with Envision Financial Systems.

I’m here today to talk about technology for investor recordkeeping and servicing in the alternative investments industry.

As alternative investment products become more and more mainstream among advisors, RIAs investor servicing technology needs to follow.

If you’re an alternative investment sponsor or are newly entering the retail marketplace, you’re probably surprised at the amount of automation these investors expect. And if you’re a conventional mutual fund manager, diversifying your product line up into the alternatives space, you’re probably also surprised at the lack of automation.

I think the main reason for this is alternative products are so unique and complex that the universal cookie cutter type of technology doesn’t always make sense for these firms. Envision was started by our founders with the purpose to challenge the status quo in the mutual fund industry in the 90s, and we’ve been doing that ever since.

We offer flexible technology for alternative sponsor firms that includes automating routine processes like statements and dividend distributions, which are two of the most time-consuming tasks. And we also offer a web portal for investors, advisors and your Investor Relations Teams.

Our web portal is device responsive. Which means if you’re logging in from your cell phone or your laptop or some other device, the site will resize and reconfigure the information to make it easier to use.

Another thing our clients tell us is an advantage that we offer is our own APIs. This makes integrating with other technology systems seamless because we can exchange data versus images of data, that then has to be re entered by a person.

We also are flexible with implementation. You can host the technology on your own server in house or we can host it for you, or somewhere in between.

What we care most about is giving you the tools so that you can provide your customers with the best experience possible.

I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about Envision’s recordkeeping products.

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