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A Turnkey 22(c)-2 Compliance Offering

Compliance technology is not just about collecting data. It is about automating workflows, providing flexibility to create and change rules & analytics, and enabling expeditious and effective follow up on suspicious activity.

Clarity Compliance, offered by SalesPage, is a fully managed, web-based platform that lets you focus on your core business and operational competencies with predictable low costs and near-zero administrative overhead is a turnkey 22c-2 compliance platform for asset managers and service providers. Working on your behalf, SalesPage will obtain, aggregate, and map data from any transfer agent or intermediary platform. Clarity Compliance will then monitor and analyze trading activity and alert you to potential market timing and trading violations. You can focus on your core business and operational competencies and rely on SalesPage and Clarity Compliance for regulatory compliance and reporting with predictable costs and near-zero administrative overhead.

Capabilities Overview
  • Accepts data from any transfer agency, subaccounting system, insurer/trust provider or intermediary through NSCC, industry standard files, or custom/proprietary file formats.
  • Utilizes a risk-based approach to monitor trading activity for high visibility intermediaries.
  • Analyzes data based on assigned rules and identifies trading patterns that violate the rules for automated or manual disposition.
  • Creates, manages, and applies data analytics based on your trading policies quickly, alleviating the need for in-house programmers.
  • Monitors violations and follow-up activities to know issue resolution status.
  • Document findings and follow-up activities in a standard format that supports audits and presentations to internal compliance and regulators.
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