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The No. 1 mutual fund shareholder accounting software, according to the 2020 Mutual Fund Service Guide, Envision’s Investor Management Suite helps mutual fund families (and their service providers) increase efficiency, reduce risk and improve customer service. It’s a fully configurable shareholder recordkeeping system providing real-time data customer data and account processing.

  • Supports all known share classes and fund distribution types
  • Available on premises or via SaaS delivery
  • Provides integrated cost basis accounting
  • Joins workflow and imaging to automate business processes

• Contains built in, rule-based regulatory compliance and quality controls
• Complies with all aspects of Money Market Reform and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

• Facilitates investor and financial intermediary self-servicing with real-time internet inquiry, trading and e-delivery solutions
• Provides real-time cash availability so portfolio managers can maximize their investing

For a deeper dive into how we serve mutual fund families and their service providers, visit our Envision Investor Management Suite product page.

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