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Lani Oneil discusses the three most common AIP challenges

June 8, 2021  |  VLOG POST | By Lani Oneil In this  2-minute video, Lani Oneil explains the three most time-consuming investor recordkeeping tasks we are finding in the market: client onboarding, distribution processing, and investor statement creation. Hi, I'm Lani O'Neill, VP of Business Development at Envision Financial Systems. I've been talking to a variety of alternative investment sponsor firms and I have identified the three most time-consuming routine tasks of investor services teams. The first

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Technology shopping takeaways from the ‘real economy’ on the true cost

April 8, 2021  |  BLOG POST | By Lani Oneil With all the information available to us with a few keystrokes, consumers are more prepared and informed about a product before they buy it.  But even with access to all this information, we can still find ourselves looking back and questioning some of our purchases. It’s not that different for fintech leaders operating in the B-to-B space. You would do well to remember some of the lessons from your

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Lani Oneil discusses automating your Investor Relations

March 31, 2021  |  VLOG POST | By Lani Oneil Lani Oneil discusses using the right technology to make your investor relations team more effective and efficient. Hi, I'm Lani Oneil, VP of business development with Envision Financial Systems. I'm here today to talk about technology for investor recordkeeping and servicing in the alternative investments industry. As alternative investment products become more and more mainstream among advisors, RIAs investor servicing technology needs to follow. If you're an

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Envision’s Lani Oneil Appointed to Nicsa Alternative Investments Committee

December 18, 2020  |  PRESS RELEASE| (Costa Mesa, Calif., Dec. 18, 2020) – Envision Financial Systems, Inc., a leading provider of real-time investor recordkeeping technology and transfer agency services, announced the appointment of Lani Oneil, Vice President of Business Development, to the Nicsa Alternative Investments Committee. Nicsa is a trade group promoting education and operational best practices in the investment management industry. Nicsa committees are designed to bridge the gap between all facets of the global asset management industry