Third-Party Transfer Agents

Used by more third-party transfer agents than any other commercial software.

Envision’s Investor Management Suite gives third-party transfer agents a fully configurable shareholder recordkeeping system providing real-time data customer data and account processing. The result is more efficiency, better customer service and less operational risk.

Transfer agents can easily manage all kinds of pooled investment products, from mutual funds to common/collective income trusts and real-estate investment trusts. Across all product types, the system is user-friendly to a degree that we regularly hear from clients that their user-training requirements were reduced.

  • Supports all known share classes and fund distribution types
  • Available on premises or via SaaS delivery
  • Provides integrated cost basis accounting
  • Joins workflow and imaging to automate business processes

• Contains built in, rule-based regulatory compliance and quality controls
• Complies with all aspects of Money Market Reform and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

• Facilitates investor and financial intermediary self-servicing with real-time internet inquiry, trading and e-delivery solutions
• Provides real-time cash availability so portfolio managers can maximize their investing

For a deeper dive into our core product offering, visit our Envision Investor Management Suite product page.

Capabilities Overview

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate delays and provide shareholders and advisers up-to-the-second access to real-time information through a customer-centric intuitive user interface.
  • Make your new employees productive sooner through an intuitive design
  • Answer most inquires and execute transactions directly at the point of contact
  • Reduced fund and firm administration with the use of templates and parameter driven data fields

Improve Investor and Customer Satisfaction

  • Facilitate the exchange of information integrating with internal surround systems and third party applications
  • Eliminate aggravating issues by processing activity correctly the first time using 500 data checks and validations
  • Provide real-time access to information and reporting so that your clients know exactly where they stand at any point in time
  • Eliminate batch processes that get in the way of your clients accessing their accounts by providing real-time 24/7 system access

Control and Customize your Experience

  • Create product differentiation by eliminating system hurdles that get in the way of your great ideas
  • Configure investment options, Account Types, Transaction Types and Fee Types and many more at the click of a button to create a unique experience for your clients
  • Process mutual funds, hedge funds, Institutional Money Markets, Offshore funds and protected principal funds on a single system and avoid the additional costs of multiple systems
  • Integrate shareholder accounting data with third party surround systems to leverage prior investments

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