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2022 Envision Big-Think Mini Survey

Envision surveyed business and technology executives about advancing securities processing and back-office operations tech trends. Respondents indicated that seamless inter-app connectivity and artificial intelligence were the top issues they were focusing on for the future. 

The heart of the survey was an examination of respondents’ views on the importance of five specific tech trends and how much effort their firm is expending in that area. They rated importance on a scale of 1-5, where 1 was “unimportant,” 3 was neutral and 5 was “very important.” Similarly, respondents rated their firm’s effort on a scale of 1-5, where 1 was “none,” 3 was neutral, and 5 was “significant.”

The following chart shows, for each tech trend, weighted averages for both importance and effort.


For all five trends, respondents rated importance higher than their firms’ efforts, but the gap between importance and effort was roughly consistent across all trends. So, even as they might like to be doing a bit more to keep up with all the tech trends, respondents are at least fairly comfortable with the relative allocation of their firms’ tech efforts in the different areas.

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