Slide The No. 1 mutual fund shareholder accounting software, according to the 2020 Mutual Fund Service Guide Slide Handling 11,300+ CUSIPs, 17.4 million accounts and over $3.9 trillion in assets under administration Slide 2020 Industry Awards Finalist in the Technology Providers: Client Onboarding/New Account Opening category

Confidence and agility in shareholder accounting & management.

Confidence and agility in shareholder accounting & management.

Solutions for:

Mutual Fund Families

No. 1 mutual fund shareholder accounting software

–2020 Mutual Fund Service Guide

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Alternatives Sponsors

3 of the top 10 alternative investment sponsors are serviced using our technology

–11/2021 Stanger Report

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Third-Party Transfer Agents

More third-party transfer agents choose Envision than any other investor management software

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Broker Dealers

Mutual Fund Direct Business


Linking to a brokerage system

Subaccounting Software

529 & ABLE Act Providers

Serving dozens of State Sponsors plus Advisor & Direct-Sold Plans

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Products & Services

Envision Investor Management Suite

A common platform supporting all manner of pooled investment products

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Envision Alternative Investments Services

Software + transfer agency services for all manner of alternative structures

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Centralized account management, so broker dealers can bring their mutual fund accounts home

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Envision Subaccounting Technology & Services

Mutual fund subaccounting technology and services for self-clearing broker-dealers

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Clarity Compliance

 Turnkey SEC 22c-2 compliance trade monitoring

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Meet the Envisionaries: Ashish Jalan

What’s your role at Envision? I currently head the Global Operations and Training for Envision. I also serve as an Executive Director at Envision India. I work on client implementations, mutual fund operations and production