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Why Envision?

Reliable and flexible recordkeeping software for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.
Since 1994, our software and services have helped asset managers and financial services providers automate and expand their business with open systems and access to data in real-time.

Our focus is helping our clients manage and grow their business by providing flexible software and services that lead the industry’s ever-changing landscape.


We make it easy to tailor solutions to your specific needs.


Software built on modern open industry standard technology that allows convenient and open access to your data and the ability to integrate with other systems in real-time though an extensive library of API’s.


Able to support multiple investment products and business models with one partner and one system.

Our Approach

We believe that technology should adapt to you, not force you to be like everyone else
Envision by the numbers

27.3 million

Total investor positions
Over 15,000 CUSIPs

$4.2 trillion

Assets under administration
Over 450 investment firms

25+ years

Operating history
Singulary focused on investor recordkeeping solutions

23 states'

529 programs
33 direct and advisor sold college savings & ABLE Act plans

Articles, Video & News

News & Views
Safeguarding Data Across Its Lifecycle: A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Approach

Protecting sensitive information is paramount to Envision. That’s why we take a risk-based approach to cybersecurity and address data security at every phase. Data at Rest Data at rest encompasses information stored across multiple devices and backup copies, both locally and on the cloud. Implementing robust access controls and encryption protocols is essential to safeguarding […]

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News & Views
Navigating Cloud Migration: A Collaborative Approach for Financial Firms

The allure of the cloud is undeniable. Envision is seeing its customers and prospective customers each looking to leverage the agility and efficiency benefits it offers. However, Envision also knows that alongside the bright prospects loom dark clouds of uncertainty regarding data security, compliance, and skills gaps. That’s why we take a “team approach" to […]

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News & Views
Strengthening Cybersecurity: Leveraging ISO Frameworks, SOC II Exams, and Robust Development Policies

Safeguarding customer data is of paramount importance to Envision. This is why we have implemented proactive measures to mitigate data security risks and enhance cybersecurity posture. Guiding Principles At the core of our cybersecurity strategy lies a multi-layered approach, leveraging industry best practices and frameworks such as ISO 27001/2, NIST 800 series, and FINRA guidance. […]

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