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Super-omni services made flexible, versatile & open

In a super-omnibus model, a broker-dealer leverages an omnibus clearing provider (e.g., Schwab, Fidelity) to manage interactions at the omnibus level with fund families.

If you’re a broker-dealer thinking about super-omnibus services, it’s probably for one of two reasons:

  1. You’re looking to launch a suite of funds and want to benefit from a clearing broker’s existing fund-distribution agreements rather than having to establish your own.
  2. You’re already in a super-omnibus model and wish you had technology or clearing choices.

In our experience, broker-dealers assume a couple things about how super-omni services fit together. They assume there’s a technology box to check and a clearing box to check—and that making a decision on either dictates the other. In fact, that’s not true.

You actually have two choices that are independent of each other:

  • You can choose the technology that works best for you.
  • You can choose the clearing firm that works best for you.


Envision’s investor recordkeeping value proposition

At Envision, we “check” the technology box … and can connect you with any clearing firm. Our approach stems from decades of experience. Here’s what’s different:

FLEXIBILITY. You can choose your own clearing firm. We’ve already built links to many clearing providers and brokerage systems.

VERSATILITY. You get built-in support—on one platform—for multiple product types, including:

  • Traditional mutual funds
  • Interval funds
  • Tender-offer funds and more
  • Alternative investment products
  • 529s and more

OPENNESS. You can go to market faster with new products and services thanks to modern, flexible technology that can easily connect to your other systems.

The super-omnibus model offers broker-dealers substantial benefits by utilizing the established fund-distribution agreements of an omnibus clearing provider. Whether you’re aiming to swiftly launch new funds or seeking enhanced flexibility and options in your current setup, you can explore alternative models knowing that technology and clearing services can be chosen independently.


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