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A value proposition for alts managers

September 21, 2021  |  BLOG POST | By Lani Oneil

The alternative investments world is afire with creativity and growth.1, 2, 3 As sponsors continue to advance their businesses, their investor recordkeeping systems need to keep pace.

Here, in a nutshell, is Envision’s value proposition for alternative investment sponsor firms.

  1. Reliable, agile infrastructure.

Envision uses modern technology so we can more easily stay current with an ever-changing industry.

Our APIs enable real-time information exchange with a variety of upstream and downstream systems. This means you can expand the capabilities of your infrastructure in harmony with your business demands.

This modern infrastructure also means you can move your data around and use it productively while still maintaining its integrity. You can have real-time data at your fingertips to support faster, well-informed business decisions.

Our technology is designed to embrace your challenges today and opportunities in the future.

  1. Risk mitigation through better business processes.

As you grow, the processes that supported your business early on, need to evolve.

Many alternative investment sponsors started their business using spreadsheets and manual processes to keep records of investor information and activity. As their businesses have grown the manual methods create risk and inefficiency.

Additionally, your customer and employee experiences may deteriorate as your business grows. Manual practices are not systematic, they take more time and are prone to human error. When the inevitable human error takes place, manual corrections are even more time consuming and frustrating for your teams.

Something I hear often and experienced early in my own career: a team may have just one or two individuals who are truly proficient with a spreadsheet setup. Even with written step-by-step procedures as backup, the operational risk weighs on the entire team—most of all, the person responsible for the spreadsheets.

Our technology can automate routine tasks, reduce errors, contribute to healthy employee morale, and elevate the customer experience.

  1. Cost savings for the long haul.

Investor recordkeeping systems epitomize the need to understand the total cost of ownership over time. This includes its modularity (if any), the staff time used (or saved) and any potential for obsolescence. When comparing options, it is wise to account for the ongoing costs of system operation net of the long-term value created.

Our solutions are intended to be economically flexible. If a firm only needs the core recordkeeping component, that is all it needs to buy. Over time, a variety of other technology can be added on and integrated without the need to change your core system.  It is easy and cost effective for us to do this because our system is built with modularity in mind.

Automating processes, such as distribution payments or statement generation, can increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors, keeping your operating expense at an appropriate ratio. You will be able to grow your business without necessarily increasing your headcount or other overhead expenses.

Envision has always used more modern technology and we continually invest in its development.  Challenging the status quo is our pride and passion, which has empowered our clients to remain current through multiple decades. In fact, our very first client is still with us today.

There is an abundance of brilliant ideas within the alts industry and widespread predictions of further growth. Let’s make sure your back office doesn’t fall behind.

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