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Lani Oneil explains three benefits of working with Envision

June 17, 2021  |  VLOG POST | By Lani Oneil

In this  video, Lani Oneil covers three of the benefits alternative investment sponsors get when working with Envision: flexible technology, risk mitigation, and cost savings.

Hi. I am Lani Oneil, VP of Business Development at Envision Financial Systems. Today, I'd like to summarize the three elements of our value proposition.

A reliable infrastructure is needed to operate a business effectively. Our technology provides an agile infrastructure built for the long term. Our APIs facilitate real time connections to upstream and downstream technology. This powers the system to evolve, and adapt based on industry changes and your business needs. You can also move your data around and use it productively while still maintaining its integrity.

You can have real time information at your fingertips so that you can make faster, well informed business decisions.

Second, is risk mitigation.

Spreadsheets and manual processes may have worked for you previously, but your business will outgrow these if it hasn't already. These methods are not systematic.  They take more time and their prone to human error. And when the inevitable human error does take place, the manual corrections take even more time, and it's frustrating for your teams. In addition, this is something I hear often and experienced early in my own career, your team may only have one or two individuals who are truly proficient with your existing spreadsheet set up. Even if you have written step by step procedures as backup, we all understand the related risk. And it weighs on your entire team. Especially the individual responsible for your spreadsheets.

Our technology can automate routine tasks, reduce errors, and contribute to healthy employee morale.

Third is cost savings.

This is a product for which understanding the total cost of ownership is key to making a decision. This involves a big picture assessment of the long term costs of system operation, and also the value this system creates for you overtime. Our technology is intended to be economically flexible. If all you need is the core record keeping function, that's all you need to buy. This will set you up with the right kind of modern infrastructure so that you can add and integrate other technology as needed. Or in other words, you can continue to build your infrastructure according to your business needs. And by automating routine tasks you will also keep your operating expense at an appropriate ratio. Envision has offered this type of modern technology since the 90s. We've always offered our own APIs. We've never relied on the older legacy mainframe technology systems. This is empowered to us and our clients to evolve and adapt over the years. In fact, our first client has been with us for more than 25 years.

There is a lot of creativity happening in the Alts world and widespread forecasts for growth. If you are concerned that your existing systems may not be able to keep pace, please contact me so that we can set you up with a better solution.

Thank you.

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