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Envision Financial Systems debuts asset modeling capabilities

Costa Mesa, Calif., Jan. 19, 2022 – Envision Financial Systems, Inc., the leading provider of real-time investor recordkeeping technology and services, announced the launch of an enhancement to Envision’s core recordkeeping system that lets investors take a risk questionnaire on-line, select an investment program based on the questionnaire results, make the initial purchase into the investment program, and establish automatic rebalancing to maintain the program allocations. The feature enables mutual funds and intermediaries to offer investors guidance and managed asset programs without layering on additional software.

These features are now in use at Ultimus Fund Solutions, which is the first user of these new capabilities within Envision’s responsive internet portal.

“Up until now, if a fund family wanted to offer a risk-based asset allocation program they’d typically need systems for risk tolerance, asset allocation and rebalancing,” explained Brian Jones, executive vice president at Envision Financial Systems. “All that software had to be integrated with the investor management system. With our internet portal, we’ve made these features native—no integration required.”

Envision has made it easy for an advisor to create a questionnaire that investors access through Envision’s web portal for account management. An investor’s answers generate a score, which then provides guidance to a particular asset allocation model. From there, a shareholder can customize the model to meet specific needs.

After initial investment, the system will automatically rebalance holdings—at a frequency of the investor’s choosing—to keep the portfolio consistent with the model allocations.

“We are excited to partner with Envision in expanding the digital capabilities available to our clients and their shareholders,” said Ultimus Chief Administrative Officer Ian Martin. “Having functionality like this makes it extremely simple for investors to set up a custom asset allocation program, which enhances the relationship with advisors. These new capabilities are another example of our collective commitment to enhancing the shareholder experience and providing cost-effective and industry-leading technology for our clients.”

In addition to meeting needs of transfer agents like Ultimus, Envision’s product suite is built to serve broker-dealers and other intermediaries with an advisor affiliate or partner. “Envision will be making these same features available in its FundKeeper product for intermediaries,” said Jones. “If a broker-dealer has an advisor affiliate, it could even serve as its own TAMP with this system, making it easy for reps to offer model portfolios with either in-house or third-party products.”

Jones said, “The consistent message from both fund families and intermediaries is to make it simple for them to offer investors customized solutions—to best serve investors and help the firms grow assets.”

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