Envision Investor Management Suite

The control you’ve always wanted.

Built atop the core recordkeeping system that powers most everything we do, the Envision Investor Management Suite is a flexible, modular set of tools to handle just about any operating challenges a pooled investment vehicle can throw at it.

The Investor Management Suite:

  • Reduces cost & complexity with an open design and SaaS implementation
  • Consolidates multiple systems in a modular structure that’s easy to customize
  • Enables staff to answer questions across accounts from a single screen
  • Increases back-office productivity with user-friendly interfaces
  • Provides real-time data integration—no waiting for batch processing
Platform Overview
Envision Investor Management Suite
Recordkeeping System Capabilities

The Envision Investor Management Suite is a real-time, configurable shareholder recordkeeping system that:

  • Supports mutual funds, alternative investments, college savings plans, institutional money markets, offshore funds and protected principal funds
  • Provides integrated cost basis accounting
  • Delivers fully integrated NSCC transaction processing
  • Contains built in regulatory compliance and quality controls
  • Complies with all aspects of Money Market Reform and FATCA
  • Allows on premise or Software as a Service implementations
Business Process and Information Delivery Capabilities

The core recordkeeping system is the engine that powers tightly integrated technology to create efficient and effective real-time business processing and data delivery solutions.

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