Bring your mutual fund accounts home.

The FundKeeper technology lets broker-dealers “bring home” accounts currently held directly with mutual fund families.

FundKeeper consolidates all your clients disparate mutual fund positions in one place. Investors and advisors would both have a single portal to open accounts, perform account maintain and transact in accounts across all fund companies. In addition investors would receive a single statement and tax form across all their holdings.

FundKeeper is NOT traditional brokerage system. When combined with your trade clearing, and IRA custodial solutions, it solves the compliance and consolidation problems of direct-at-fund accounts…while maintaining the simplicity that advisors and clients like about “going direct.”

How it Works

FundKeeper investor recordkeeping subaccounting technology and administrative services combined with your clearing capabilities creates a turnkey approach to consolidating your directly held mutual fund investments on to a single platform—with the potential to turn what’s now a cost center into a new revenue stream.

FundKeeper’s technology can integrate seamlessly into your existing systems. FundKeeper is modern and nimble and it isn’t weighed down by non-mutual-fund functionality. The result is a set of capabilities across the entire shareholder servicing spectrum.

Problems FundKeeper Solves

Attracting and retaining reps…while getting away from direct

FundKeeper gives reps a comfortable, straightforward experience that maintains what they tend to like most about “going direct.” For example, there are no “nuisance fees” that reps have to explain, such as when forced to migrate to traditional brokerage. Also, reps benefit from streamlined processing that eliminates cumbersome paperwork.

Achieving consistent oversight & compliance

In theory, you can solve this problem using traditional brokerage. But firms have tried and failed because of the unnecessary complexity and cost that brokerage brings to the mutual fund investor, which can cause reps to resist and customers to leave. The FundKeeper technology can provide the control and transparency you need in a straightforward way that doesn’t layer on what isn’t needed.

Paying for tech and ops resources you shouldn’t need

Working directly with multiple fund companies creates unnecessary data integrity and reconciliation challenges. The back office spends time trying to update and correct information at the funds–not to mention the pains of aggregating data from multiple fund families. Moving direct-held investments onto the FundKeeper technology removes the cost of aggregating client and rep data and provides a “gold” source of data to operate from.

FundKeeper Basics

FundKeeper helps solve some of the front, middle and back office issues direct-at-mutual fund investing create. FundKeeper is a mutual fund subaccounting technology platform that when combined with your clearing and IRA custodial services creates single platform to:

  • Execute on new accounts
  • Help perform holistic suitability and compliance
  • Calculate commissions and level loads
  • Provide internet web access, statements and other investor documents all mutual fund investments
  • Use omnibus accounts at the fund to eliminate multiple contacts points and multiple data file

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