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Getting investor data to where it needs to be

In our conversations around the industry, we're often finding perceptions that firms believe their investor recordkeeping system is doing what it needs to do, but we are also hearing those same firms talk about challenges in getting their investor data where it needs to be.  A good example is populating an enterprise level data lake. Here's one scenario:

  • A global organization wants a comprehensive view of its customers—which means bringing data from multiple business line systems together into an enterprise data lake.
  • Unfortunately, the investor recordkeeping unit couldn’t send data directly from its core system.
  • The group was forced to make a copy of its data to send to the data lake—and create a whole new process to keep that copy reasonably current … though real-time is impossible.
  • This approach created extra expense and reflected poorly on the groups efficiency and customer support abilities.

How a modern approach works

Often, firms disavow any problems with their investor recordkeeping systems. It does what it needs to do...account for investor activity. But when the transfer agency looks for efficiencies, they find if their core investor recordkeeping system is using legacy technology, making it more difficult to leverage data across systems.

In our conversations with firms struggling to stock their corporate data lakes, we described a more modern approach like ours, can send data real-time to a data lake using APIs or through intra-day data-refresh batch files.

In this two-minute video, Kelly Lynch overviews what she is hearing and how we respond:

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