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Meet the Envisionaries: Kulasekaran Krishnaswamy

The “Meet the Envisionaries” series introduces team members from across the business. Kulasekaran Krishnaswamy, Delivery Manager, oversees the team responsible for Envision’s web portal and mobile app. He’s a longtime Envisionary, now celebrating his 20th year with Envision. “The moments of greatest pride come when clients recognize and appreciate exceptional contributions from members of my team,” says Kuls.


Q: What’s your role at Envision?

I manage a team of 18 employees focused on Envision’s investor, rep and broker-dealer web portal products, which nearly all our clients use. My role encompasses software architecture, design and development, requirement assessments, product security, performance management and technical support.


Q: What has your career path looked like?

I joined Envision 20 years ago as a developer focused on the tax and regulatory components of our core recordkeeping system. Over the next several years, I had opportunities to work with multiple technologies on several components of Envision’s solutions. I gained deep familiarity with how and why our products function as they do—and how our clients use them.

I was involved in Envision’s initial web-based solution and then its later reinvention as the fully responsive, WCAG compliant, mobile-friendly portal we offer today. Recently, we introduced mobile apps for clients on both iOS and Android platforms.


Q: In your work with Envision’s clients, what are you most proud of?

The moments of greatest pride come when clients recognize and appreciate exceptional contributions from members of my team. More generally, it’s deeply satisfying whenever we roll out new capabilities that add value to our clients service model.


Q: In what ways do you partner with other firms to serve Envision clients?

In the last couple years, we’ve partnered with a Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) certification firm to assess our online portal and help ensure it meets accessibility standards. Obtaining that certification was a proud moment for me and my team. We want our work to be useful—and usable—for all the investors and reps of the funds our clients support.

Another focus with external partners is security auditing and fortification. We follow secure development practices, and we engage with independent firms to verify our work and ensure our software remains up-to-date and resilient against potential threats. We also ensure seamless interaction with a specialized firm to validate bank accounts in real-time during the account creation process and multi-factor user authentication.


Q: What’s an interesting question you’re asked in your work?

I admire people—and strive to be one myself—who seek uncomplicated solutions to complex business requirements. So, I always appreciate it when I’m asked, “is it feasible to use readily available methods to accomplish our objective?” It helps reset my thinking.


Q: What advice would you give someone starting a career in your specific field?

Never overlook the commitments you make. Bring a commitment to excellent quality to your learning, practice and implementation.


Q: What hobby or pastime do you enjoy away from work?

I’m a technology enthusiast and consider myself fortunate to have turned my passion into a career. Beyond tech, I have many hobbies. Among my colleagues, I’m especially well known for my love for movies from around the world. I’m a reader, a traveler and a bit of a foodie. Above all of these, is my love for family and a group of longtime school friends who travel from far reaches to meet up every year.


Q: What would you say makes Envision special?

Envision’s culture is one of warmth and inclusivity. Team members make a point to be amicable and approachable, which makes this a delightful place to be.



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