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Meet the Envisionaries: Megan MacDonald

The “Meet the Envisionaries” series introduces team members from across the business. Today we're featuring Megan MacDonald, Director of Subaccounting Operations, who plays a significant role in the company's subaccounting solutions and client implementation. With a passion for preventing and solving problems, Megan works her magic behind the scenes and leads a team of highly skilled professionals.


Q:  What’s your role at Envision? 

As Director of Subaccounting Solutions, I oversee client onboarding, managing business user testing and client education for software enhancements as well as ongoing operational services. These operational services include daily omnibus trade reconciliations and fund attribute management. We also work to ensure seamless coordination and implementation of projects to benefit our clients’ businesses.

Q: What has your career path looked like?

I have been with Envision for going on six years. Previously I worked in the health insurance world, specifically on mobile apps related to health and wellness. Ironically, I was working remotely in Costa Mesa—the city where Envision is headquartered—and decided to move back to be closer to family in Denver, realizing that working from homewasn't for me. This led me to change jobs and join Envision’s team working out of its Denver office. Imagine my dismay when a few years later the Covid pandemic brought remote work back into my life! Now, though, I have the best of both worlds, with a flexible work arrangement that includes time in the office and from away. 

My experience in software, risk management, and client implementation made the transition relatively smooth. However, the financial services lingo has been quite eye opening. Even after six years, I sometimes struggle with acronyms, especially when they are used for different things in different contexts. For instance, who thought using AIP for both Automatic Investment Plan and Alternative Investment Product was a good idea?!

Q: In your work with Envision’s clients, what are you most proud of? 

My passion lies in using our past experiences, good and bad, to ensure our clients are successful in their business and have the best stress-free experience working with Envision and using our software. This includes taking detailed steps to teach our customers how to best take advantage of our software’s flexibility to support their unique business objectives. It also means carefully verifying that our software, including updates, operates exactly as needed.   

More generally, I’m incredibly proud of my team and the processes we’ve put in place for testing and communicating software enhancements. The team’s dedication to providing exceptional services and support to clients has led to significant improvements in the subaccounting side of Envision’s business.

Q: What’s an interesting question you’re asked in your work? 

Any question that probes a process. Those questions are especially interesting because they lead to increased understanding and progress.

Q: What advice would you give someone starting a career in your specific field? 

Ask questions and be willing to admit when you don't understand something. If you’re willing to say I don’t understand, people will take the time to answer your question, which will help you grow personally and professionally. 


Q: What hobby or pastime do you enjoy away from work? 

I enjoy spending time with my family, including a weekly standing lunch date with my brother. I’m happiest when on a yoga mat, golf course or sitting in the sunshine reading a book. I’m an animal lover with a Labrador retriever and a cat.

Q: What would you say makes Envision special? 

It’s the people, 100%.  

I have immense faith in my coworkers and appreciate their collective intelligence and willingness to help each other. This strong support system has fostered an environment where everyone can learn, grow, and tackle challenges together. 


Q: What’s an interesting question you’re asked in your work?


Our software and services are very flexible and versatile. So, on any given day, I manage at least 100 moving parts, including both planned releases and support tickets. As a project manager, the question I hear most is “When can you deliver?”

To answer well, often requires a lot of groundwork and a deep knowledge of our products. For every project, I ensure that I thoroughly understand the client requirements, the priority of tasks, the desired delivery timeline, and how both Envision and client-driven software changes are expected to benefit the client's business. I only give a delivery commitment to client support and product management teams, or to a client, once I fully comprehend all these aspects.


Q: What advice would you give someone starting a career in your specific field?

Cultivate a strong desire to learn and keep upgrading your knowledge. The landscape of financial services, especially compliance, changes quite often, so it's crucial to stay abreast of these changes. Strive to learn something new every day.

Focus on understanding your clients’ businesses. That’s the foundation of your work and helps you deliver solutions that meet their needs effectively.

This field is demanding, but with a positive attitude and thirst for knowledge, you'll find it rewarding and full of opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Q: What hobby or pastime do you enjoy away from work?


Living in the bustling city of Bangalore, surrounded by tall buildings and heavy traffic, I've found solace in two physical activities—trekking and long-distance running. I absolutely love spending time in nature, including trekking through hills with my kids, which allows me to disconnect from the urban environment and reconnect with nature and family.

I'm an avid long-distance runner. Every weekend, I go for long runs, which I find invigorating and refreshing. To date, I've participated in several running events and I'm also part of a group that organizes inter-city running events. One of my most memorable experiences was covering a distance of 350 kilometers between two cities (Bangalore and Hassan) on foot over the course of four days.

The appeal of such an endeavor lies in the self-reliance and the challenge it presents. Starting our days at 4 a.m. and ending around 6-7 p.m., we aimed to cover at least 30 miles each day. It was undoubtedly challenging, but also an amazingly rewarding experience. I also have a deep affinity for the Himalayas. I had the opportunity to go on a trek that started at 12,000 feet and reached 18,000 feet over a span of 5 days. The sheer beauty of the Himalayan landscape is mesmerizing, and I always find it refreshing and rejuvenating. For me, spending time in nature, whether it's running or trekking, is not just a hobby—it's an essential part of who I am, and I love every moment of it.


Q: What would you say makes Envision special?

I view Envision as a family, and as we all know, family is always special. What makes Envision particularly extraordinary are the many talented and committed employees who are dedicated to meeting client expectations. We all work together to put forth our best efforts and make a significant difference. Every individual's contribution is valued, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.



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