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What investors expect of alternative investment sponsors’ technology

May 6, 2021 | BLOG POST | by Lani Oneil

While investors continue to search for sources of income and diversification, demand for alternative investment products is increasing. For example, global alternative investment asset growth is estimated by Preqin to be 9.8% over the next five years.

Combine that retail focus with strong overall global alternative investment asset growth and the result is an insistent invitation for sponsors to pay attention to investors’ desires on the investor servicing side of the business.

Those needs relate to both the investors themselves and the advisors who bring products to them. Financial Advisors have become accustomed to software that makes it easier to present, purchase and monitor investments. Additionally, online account access with any common device, paperless engagement, one-time information requests, and a generally hassle-free experience have become basic expectations of end-investors.

Many alternative sponsors have not yet responded to these demands because their focus has been on a small number of relatively sophisticated investors who are familiar with the traditional differences between investor recordkeeping in traditionally retail-facing products such as open-end mutual funds (i.e., via high-tech software) and alternative products (i.e., via in-house spreadsheets).

Now, more sponsors are approaching the point where process automation is a must for accuracy, compliance, and growth management. But while back-office operations may be the driving force, investor and rep considerations are equally, if not more, important to firms looking to expand their product distribution.

Regardless of the reason, firms looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of alternative investment products without creating mass inefficiency within the investor relations team need to find ways of personalizing and automating the experience.  Envision has a proven track record of providing high-tech investor recordkeeping and servicing solutions that optimize back office operations and results in a flawless customer experience.


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[2] The DIWire, Non-Traded REITS Post Another Strong Month, Stander Increases 2021 Sales Projection, March 22, 2021.

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